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Greetings - I am Paul Goddard, the owner of Hands Unlimited - The Original Handstand. paul-portrait-oval-main-article-255Life casting is a non-toxic, clean process whereby hands of all ages can be cast in a matter of seconds using a gelatin-like molding material. If you purchase a sculpture from an on-site artist, it can be ready in only half an hour. You receive a solid, stone-like sculpture that captures every detail - including fingerprints.

hands-family-wood-stand-article-322This is such an unusual concept for making keepsakes, youth memorabilia, and the like – it is truly amazing to see the way it preserves every detail. This product is very different than something like bronzed baby shoes – far more personalized and very affordable. It is so awesome to see your babies hand starting from shortly after birth, and then watch them grow by making a new sculpture every year, five years, or whatever increment you decide. My wife and I have four wonderful children from nine to sixteen....so our house is kind of like a museum.....we have castings of their hands, feet, faces, and torsos. We even have castings of our pets!

As our new web site has just been developed, I am proud to announce that not only will we continue to offer the same great personalized product that we have for over twenty-one years; we are now offering finished sculptures as well. These finished sculptures will be of the same quality as always, and may also be available with some color options. You can order these pieces directly from our web site.

These sculptures are for those of you all over the country that like the idea of hand art or life casting but cannot get them done yourselves at our live locations, or lack thereof. These pieces are great for those of you out there that want to purchase a gag gift, an art piece, a functional art piece, remembrances of a loved one, or for you all that just collect hands. We are based in Wilburton, Oklahoma, and travel to events all over the U.S. We also have affiliates that may be somewhere near you. Take a look at our event calendar to check the latest schedule for both Hands Unlimited and my affiliates. Then gather your loved ones, and come by to have a personalized sculpture created just for you.

In addition to making these personalized sculptures on-location, Hands Unlimited will bring their mobile workshop to make your special event truly memorable. Imagine the fun when attendees at birthday parties, private home gatherings, reunions and the like, can take home a one-of-a-kind keepsake! Or contract us to cast an entire school sports team. We are also happy to come to hospice and nursing homes, corporate events, and daycare centers. We also do terminally ill house calls in our local area, or near to where we are set-up for an event. Please call or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a private event or make an appointment. Here is a link to our calendar. Sincerely, Paul Goddard......Hands Unlimited - The Original Handstand